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This COC Certificate Pretoria company offer you a report that shows your electrical installation. As per the SANS standards. A certificate of compliance Pretoria  is proof of the safety of the electrical installation.

New changes in the law, requires property buyers to have a new electrical COC Pretoria drawn up. It’s recommended having your property inspect every two years.

Residential, commercial, or industrial property. If there should be an electrical issue, your insurance company would asks for a COC Certificate Pretoria. Your insurance company may deny your claims on the grounds of lacking a COC Pretoria if you do not have one. We don’t accept any faults, However, take pride in our work.

Landlords should provide a valid COC Certificate. Supply your tenants with a copy of the COC Certificate. Properties tenants must not move in before the property owner have a compliance certificate. Agents check the COC Pretoria to help you find a tenant. 

Today, we repair faults. In addition, We are getting up to standards. In conclusion, all work being done by qualified electricians. As qualified electricians. We are able to assist you in making an electrical certificate for your property.

 For more info, contact one of our and customer friendly team. They will gladly respond to all the queries that you may have.COC Certificate Pretoria, call us on 012 383 2011.

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