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The Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 provided the Electrical Certificate of Compliance is a document that is required by a registered Electrician to provide you an Electrical Certificate of Compliance for your House wiring. The dangerous it can hold for you in for not complying with COC Certificate of Compliance is endless with safety hazards. We can help you. In other words, your problems are solved.

 We can provide you with an Electrical COC certificate in Pretoria.
At the COC Pretoria, we comply fully with all the laws and regulations required in South Africa, as a matter of professional pride. Let us take off all the documents and Compliance Certificate. The first thing to know is that this Compliance Certificate covers the electrical installation.

There are many rules and standards to follow.Above all, it keeps you from shocking.
COC Certificate of Compliance Pretoria starts covering the electrical point from where the main supply cable enters the building, on top of the main switch to the point of usage. We call this a light or a plug or even the power connects to a fixed appliance. We don’t make the rules. However, we take pride in our work.

 The Compliance Certificate does not include fixed appliances or free standing. Fixed appliance so what is that? Its appliance like stoves, aircon, geysers, gate motors, pool pumps, and pool light, etc.
In conclusion, electrical work should be done with care. The electrical regulation is primarily concerned with standards and safety of your electrical Installation.

The certificate of compliance form COC  makes sure that all the installations and parts are in good working order.

The book of regulations, SANS10142-1. Changes from time to time, Including the occupational health and safety ac. We issue COC’s. Therefore, We know what we do. We know the new and old regulation.

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