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We offer you a COC report​!

COC-Pretoria,Provide you with a COC report. this company don’t just tell you what is wrong, we show you on the COC report card.Most inspection just cover a quotation with no info. We go the extra mile for our clients.

Selling your home?

Renting or Selling your house? You’re going to need a Certificates Of Compliance before you do – and it’s just as well to get it done before you even put your property on the market.

COC certificate

Need a COC certificate Pretoria?

A Certificate of Compliance (COC) is a document that verifies that the electrical installations such as the plugs, lights, DBboard and wiring in a home comply with the legislated requirements

Frequently asked questions


In terms of Regulation 7(5) of the Electrical Installation Regulations (OHS ACT of 1993), a change of ownership cannot take place unless there is a valid Electrical Certificate of Compliance. 

How long is an Electrical of compliance certificate valid

For the purpose of transfer of ownership, an Electrical Certificate of Compliance older than 2 years may not be used. Any changes in electrical work that is not on the certificate, requires a new  Electrical Certificate of Compliance.

The electrical of compliance certificate covers?

    • The main distribution board and any sub-distribution boards.
    • Socket outlets and light switches.
    • Wiring – Is it in a safe condition and compatible with the circuit breakers in the distribution board.
    • Isolators – Is there isolators install for fixed appliances such as stoves, hot water cylinders (HWC’s), gate and door motors, fans etc.
    • Earthing –All metal parts of the installation need to be earthed.
    • Bonding – Water pipes.

What does the electrical of compliance certificate not cover?

  • The Electrical Certificate of Compliance does not cover such as:

    • Geysers & Stoves
    • Motors & Fans
    • Underfloor heating
    • Pool motors

    Note: The Certificate of Compliance does not cover the wiring to fixed appliances.

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