COC Pretoria

What is COC Pretoria?

An electrical COC Pretoria is a Certificate that verifies that your electrical installations are up to standards and comply with the requirements in the Occupational Health and Safety Act.The certificate of compliance form COCĀ  makes sure that all the installations and parts are in good working order.

Know What Your C.O.C Covers

There are many rules and standards to follow. Above all, it keeps you from shocking.
COC Pretoria starts covering the electrical point from where the main supply cable enters the building, to top of the main switch to the point of usage. However, we take pride in our work.

How Long is my C.O.C Valid?

Your electrical COC Pretoria is only valid for 2 years. Unless there were any changes done to the electrical installation. A COC Pretoria may be used more than once if it complies with the 2-year time frame or changes being done.

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